Financial Services and Insurance Consulting

Today’s financial services and insurance firms are faced with the complex challenge of managing regulatory risk and compliance while identifying opportunities for growth and profitability. Leading insurance and financial services companies turn to Carpedia’s insurance & financial services consulting to improve customer satisfaction and retention while increasing their operational effectiveness.

Our financial services consulting experts have extensive experience working with retail, investment and merchant banking, credit unions and insurance. Some of the specific areas in which we have implemented significant performance improvements include

  • Claims
  • Underwriting
  • Case Management
  • Policy Administration
  • Contact Centers
  • Central Services
  • Records and Distribution
  • Billing and Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Sales
  • Branch Operations
  • Information Systems
  • Mortgage Administration
  • Wealth and Asset Management
  • Oversight (Compliance, Regulatory, Risk)


“Carpedia observed and analyzed administrative jobs of a life insurance company from the standpoint of quality control in the manufacturing industry and classified the working hours as productive/non-prductive to identify lost time. The fact that Carpedia had little knowledge about the operations of Japanese life insurance companies worked positively as we could observe the business process with fresh eyes.”

Assistant Vice President

Improving Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

We understand the unique challenges you face in trying to implement performance improvements in a highly regulated environment and our financial services consulting services can help. We pinpoint opportunities for improvement by identifying bottlenecks and unnecessary complexities in your processes and workflow, prioritizing activities that have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction and productivity.

Coordination breakdowns between product development, sales/distribution, operations, and support can cause increases in processing time, call volume and handle time that lead to poor customer service.  Additionally, this causes costs to escalate, as more staff is permanently “required” in response to the temporary spike in poor customer service and complaints.

We address these issues head‐on with a comprehensive approach. By focusing on your process, your management systems, and leadership development of the business units, both silo and holistic, we help implement solutions that improve your operational and administrative productivity, increase service levels, and improve customer retention.

Delivering Measurable Results

Our financial services consulting and insurance consulting services deliver measurable results by working closely with your leadership team to identify and correct operating problems. We consistently deliver greater than 2X return on investment in our fees, with cash neutrality typically occurring in less than 12 months.

We don’t just make recommendations and hand you a report. We work closely with your team to implement programs and process improvements—providing coaching and support every step of the way. We also provide your leaders with the tools and systems they need to control the flow of work, improve communication between departments, and deliver sustained results.