Technology Consulting Firm

Technology and IT firms are constantly looking for ways to improve software development processes, product quality, sales effectiveness, and ongoing servicing of customers. However, they face significant challenges from a variety of fronts that include: the rapid pace of innovation, changing technology standards, speed-to-market requirements, and new competitive threats and business models. That’s why you need the help of a technology consulting firm like Carpedia.

Maintaining your position as a vendor of choice requires operating at peak efficiency from product development to customer support. Carpedia has extensive experience in IT management consulting, working with technology firms to improve their product development, and sales and service capabilities, resulting in innovation, competitive differentiation, growth, and profitability.

Improving Productivity and Innovation

Why do you need an IT consulting firm like Carpedia? The output of software development can be difficult to manage, as breakdowns in your processes for scheduling, tracking and reporting may be causing unnecessary lost time and schedule slippage. In addition, during periods of rapid growth, you may have experienced persistent product quality issues that exposed problems in your quality assurance and quality control function, causing after-sale servicing expenditures to spike. The downstream effect of quality issues means added strain on your support staff as they strive to meet existing service level agreements.

Our technology consulting services address these issues using a comprehensive, results-based methodology. By focusing on the interrelated areas of your process, your systems, and behavioral change, we help you to implement solutions that will improve product quality, support delivery, and the productivity of your teams.


“Management at all levels of the organization now have the tools to better manage the business and instill the right behaviors to ensure success.”

COO, Skillsoft Corporation

Delivering Measurable Results

Our teams deliver measurable results by working closely with your managers to identify scheduling and operational problems that cause lost time, delays, rework, and quality issues. In addition to installing process changes, we provide your managers with the tools they will need to control the flow of work through the development and production cycles and to improve coordination and communication between your sales, product, and support teams.

Our technology consulting services are designed to improve your:

  • Project estimating, budgeting and scheduling
  • Project scope, risk, and milestone management
  • Linking financial and operational reporting
  • Coordinating upstream and downstream processes to reduce rework
  • Maximizing re-use capability
  • Customer service response