Common sense strategic thinking

Maxim # 2
Put the Customer’s interests first

maxim_2We all rely on customers to pay us, which in turn helps us enjoy our quality of life. It is also through our customer base that we grow our business so it is very important to all of us that they are satisfied with our work and that they become a strong reference for us.  So with that in mind, we must always act in our customers’ best interest even though it may sometimes negatively impact our own quality of life in the short term.

So what does that really mean? There are many examples of where we put the customer’s interests first:

  1. We often go beyond the basic requirements to get the job done properly.
  2. We often put in the extra effort to thrill a customer.  All of us at times have to put in very long hours to get the deliverable completed that the customer needed.

The concept is not altruistic, of course. If we always put our customer’s interests first, the customer will observe the consistency and integrity of our actions. In return, the customer will be more inclined to reward us with more work, and strong referrals to other companies.

This maxim has always been a cornerstone of Carpedia’s client management philosophy. It is very difficult to go wrong if you use this maxim as a standard against which to weigh the decisions you need to make.