Don’t put down your audience

We had done quite a lot of work in one particular industry and through word of mouth we were invited to speak at a national convention. We prepared an insightful speech that Read More

Numbers lie

In many organizations some of the reported performance numbers aren't very "real". It's very similar to people's golf handicaps. The handicap system is a wonderful mechanism to track performance and to allow Read More

How to update your client in 30 seconds or less

“The Elevator Test” refers to when your top customer (or boss or board member) walks into an elevator that you are on and asks, “So, how is everything going?” You have approximately 30 seconds to say something meaningful that the person can take away with him or her, which is roughly the time of a typical TV advertisement or news feature.

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Jot it down! Why note taking is critical to your success

There are a couple of other good reasons to take notes. Taking notes during a meeting is respectful. It tells the person speaking or presenting that you are actually interested in what they have to say. It also forces you to listen more intently to the actual points being made.

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Where is your focus?

In most businesses there are many opportunities that require attention but with limited time and resources management must focus their energies on the critical few.

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