Questions & Answers on Active Management

We asked Jennifer Wright Fletcher, a Director at Carpedia ….How do you describe Active Management to the clients you work with?

We discuss the concept that Active Management is a scheduled, one-on-one interaction that leaders should have regularly with all of their staff. We like to remind clients and our own staff that the purpose of Active Management is to:

  1. monitor how each member of the team is progressing to the schedule / required business goals
  2. ensure timely action is taken to ensure the schedule / required business goals are met
  3. connect with people as individuals to truly understand each member of the team

The Active Management conversation typically centers on attainment to a schedule and we refer to that conversation as a ‘schedule check’.

What frequency is necessary to be effective?

The schedule check must provide timely enough feedback to facilitate the above three purposes of Active Management. The appropriate frequency will vary between business area processes; typical frequencies are hourly, twice daily, daily or weekly.

What if a client has information available that already tells them where the process is at?

Active Management is communication between a leader and his/her reports. The schedule check uses schedule attainment data as a foundation for a discussion about progress, barriers and solutions.