Remote Project Models for a Recovering Hospitality Industry

In the wake of COVID-19, many companies are re-evaluating their operating model to incorporate more remote work to improve the safety and productivity of their employees. Carpedia Hospitality is no different, but while our traditional on-site project approach has often been the choice for our clients, we also have a strong history of success in customizing our project model to include remote support when it has best suited an organization’s needs.

Support for Internal Initiatives

Carpedia Hospitality has collaborated with corporate teams to provide guidance on optimal implementation and sustainability of internal projects. Often the individuals appointed to corporate project teams have strong expertise on topics like workforce management or operational best practices, but lack experience in rolling out new initiatives in a way that will secure buy-in among all stakeholders and provide structure to maintain results. Our consultants have provided support to clients’ internal projects through analyzing data, creating project plans, conducting training sessions, and building reports to track the success of the initiative. Clients have also benefited from maintaining contact beyond the culmination of the project to support sustainability of the improved operating performance.

Desktop Analysis

Many organizations are not leveraging the full potential of their historical data to improve planning and guide best practices due to their limited time or resources to deep-dive and analyze the information. Carpedia Hospitality has provided remote support to analyze data, identify trends, recommend best practices, and build tools to assist hospitality leaders in achieving and sustaining results through informed decision-making.

Scaled Projects

After successfully collaborating with various ownership groups on installing workforce management programs at their large full-service properties, Carpedia Hospitality has developed methodology to translate our traditional model to benefit their smaller and select-service venues. By employing a mixed approach of establishing baselines through historical data then refining through on-site collaboration with property leaders, we have successfully implemented sustainable programs on expedited timelines better suited to operations with a less complex operating model.


Whether we are collaborating face-to-face or from afar, Carpedia Hospitality’s flexible approach to constructing project plans has allowed a variety of organizations to benefit from the invaluable support of a trusted advisor to achieve their financial and service goals.

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