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Maxim #10
Respect your customer

maxim_10In our line of work, building and establishing a rapport with our client managers at all levels is a fundamental basis for initiating change within an organization. In order to build this relationship it is critical that we genuinely respect our clients (customers), and equally critical that they feel we respect them. Without this element, improving a business process, or modifying organizational behaviors is next to impossible.

Respect implies a conscious understanding of others. By using professional and ethical behavior we can treat people fairly and without bias. Respect involves open mindedness, trust, and a commitment to values. For us, respecting the client comes down to treating them in a manner that shows you are grateful for having the chance to work for them.

We have found that it is helpful to make “respect” more concrete for our staff. So we define it through specific behavior guidelines of do’s and don’ts. Here are a few examples:

  • Protect the customer’s confidentiality (don’t leave sensitive information in the open)
  • Be conscious of their business interests (don’t park in the visitor’s parking spots)
  • Be sensitive to their staff(don’t finish the coffee without remaking it)
  • Look after their property and equipment (if you damage something, get it fixed)
  • Assume customer’s know more than you do (never talk down to them)

Some organizations we have worked with have found it useful to do something similar for their customer facing departments.

What behavior guidelines should your company or department follow in terms of how you treat your customers? Are these clear to everyone?