Train yourself to overcome adversity in the workplace

Maxim #15
Confront adversity head-on

maxim_15Adversity is an unfortunate inevitability of life, and the business world is no exception. Adversity in business can come in many forms: a difficult staff relationship, misunderstandings or misperceptions among a group, or conflicting objectives of different functions. What we have learned is that the key to dealing with adversity is to confront it directly and deal with the issues quickly. Many people would prefer to avoid confrontation if possible, hoping that the problems will eventually resolve themselves. Unfortunately they rarely do. In fact they tend to get worse over time.
Here are some generally accepted keys to overcoming adversity and serve as great discussion points in a management training session:
  • Acknowledgement – acknowledge the problem exists
  • Communicate – inform your direct manager of the issue immediately
  • Directness – address the actual problem
  • Speed – address the problem as quickly as possible
  • Correction – correct the problem
If you can train yourself to confront adversity as it comes across your path, you will find that often you can defuse a difficult situation before it gets out of your control and in the process you can save yourself a lot of unnecessary anxiety and stress.