What are specific management behaviors?

Observation #51

carpedia-observation-51In the previous Observation, we discussed how everyone agrees that management behavior is a critical issue in organizations. However, the meaning of the term itself is often a little fuzzy. What behaviors are we actually talking about? If we look at the specific behaviors that most organizations would like their managers to possess, we can group them into four broad categories, which aptly reflect Deming’s PDCA model: plan, do, check, act.

Plan (planning behaviors) 

  • Strategic planning
  • Sales and operations planning (S&OP)
  • Improving performance
  • Managing change
  • Communicating

Do (execution behaviors) 

  • Scheduling
  • Assigning work
  • Communicating expectations
  • Following up and actively listening
  • Giving performance feedback

Check (analytical behaviors) 

  • Monitoring activity volume
  • Tracking key performance indicators
  • Identifying variances to plan
  • Improving processes
  • Problem solving for root causes

Act (improvement behaviors) 

  • Prototyping possible solutions
  • Making decisions
  • Persuading others
  • Training to improve skills
  • Coaching for improved performance

We use this list when studying and observing managers, evaluating skill levels, and for training and development programs.