Working with Carpedia Healthcare

Carpedia Healthcare is a tactical resource used by high performance healthcare organizations interested in step change performance improvement. We have addressed many of the issues facing hospital Executives today including changes aimed at improvements in cost containment, capacity generation and better predictability around fluctuating patient volumes. Results include, implementing sustainable clinical integration strategies, improved patient care models and increased quality of care initiatives. With no capital investment required and using only the assets already deployed, our team immerses ourselves within an organization fulltime to get the job done on predetermined timelines and cost. Our clients see the Business Case before they engage us. Engagements are self‐funding in the first year, typically with multiples. We do not write reports, we get results.

Richard D’Aquila of Yale-New Haven Hospital discusses why Carpedia was selected to perform the Safe Patient Flow project, the Carpedia assessment process, how Carpedia works in a clinical environment, and the results of their engagement.