Working with Carpedia Hospitality


We are an industry leading Consulting Firm in the Hospitality sector committed to helping our clients achieve their goals.

With Carpedia Hospitality you will be part of an innovative team committed to performing detailed advisory services in a fast paced environment. Collaborating with clients to achieve sustainable profit enhancement, service improvement, process redesign, and superior management operating systems. Leveraging a detailed analytic methodology to produce and quantify immediate financial results. Working primarily at client locations offers you the opportunity to experience diverse cultures and travel to unique places.

You will collaborate with leading hotel owners and management companies to experience diverse functional areas within the hospitality industry. You can be working shoulder-to-shoulder with the company President in the morning and a front-line worker in the afternoon.

Our Culture

The Carpedia Hospitality lifestyle is uniquely appealing. The intimate nature of our teams fosters meaningful connections among peers. Our small firm appeal is driven by a sense of belonging that comes from each individual’s essential role in the success of the business.

At Carpedia, work life revolves around ambitious timelines and critical results. Consultants balance demanding schedules by enjoying some of the world’s greatest cities. Celebrations of key milestones, frequent social occasions and once in a lifetime travel opportunities highlight a wealth of hidden lifestyle benefits of being a part of Carpedia Hospitality.

Our Roles

Consultant – The Consultant position offers exposure to an array of high-profile and international hospitality environments. With work spanning Sales, Rooms Management, Food and Beverage and Finance etc., our Consultants help transform client areas to achieve financial and operational results. Typical daily responsibilities include data analysis, field observation, client collaboration as well as process and system redesign. Our Consultants provide the energy, knowledge and creativity; Carpedia Hospitality provides the tools and training to cultivate success at the firm and in future endeavors.

Senior Consultant – Our Senior Consultants are members of our Consulting team who have showcased exceptional organizational and leadership talents. In addition to the activities performed at the Consultant level, Senior Consultants are tasked with additional responsibilities aimed at directly assisting Results Managers throughout the project cycle. Senior Consultants perform elements of project management, senior client relations and strategic development with the intent of preparing them for future managerial roles.

Manager – Our Managers are responsible for overseeing client relations, project timelines, budgets and key milestones. Managers are also responsible for coaching our teams to continually enhance our product and provide superior results for our clients. Organized, competitive, analytical and emotionally-intelligent; Managers emerge with the type of skills and experience that allow them to lead successful project after successful project.


Carpedia Hospitality prides itself in its commitment to the personal and professional growth of its team. New hires are guided up steep learning curves with formal mentorship and development programs. Via consistent feedback and dedicated guidance, Carpedia Consultants advance with confidence at an accelerated rate. With less red tape and big firm bureaucracy, the growth of your career and compensation at Carpedia Hospitality is in your hands.

Chris has completed 300+ hrs of field observations and has worked with clients in luxury hospitality, real estate investment trusts, sales, marketing, retail, compliance, logistics, and warehousing. Prior to joining Carpedia, Chris spent his time as a Research Assistant at Harvard University and worked in Guest Services for a Five Star luxury hotel in Grand Cayman, CI.

Chris attended McMaster University where he obtained his BA and went on to Harvard University where he earned his Masters in Liberal Arts: General Management. In his spare time, Chris enjoys travelling, skiing, swimming, and scuba diving.