Working for Carpedia International


Those candidates interested in a broad array of industries may find themselves applying to the Multi-Industry division known as Carpedia International. Being focused on all industries, it provides candidates exposure to all kinds of different environments and cultures. Some of these industries include manufacturing, transportation, financial services, private equity and retail etc. One week you may be on the floor of a manufacturing plant in Toronto, Ontario and the next week you could be at a winery in Napa Valley, California. You don’t need to be an expert on the production of wine to improve the processes and increase the efficiency in which it’s made.

Working at Carpedia International teaches you to evaluate businesses uniquely by providing the clients tools and methodology that can be adapted to any environment. While the learning curve is steep, the experience of learning the work hands on is what sets Carpedia apart as an employer. From day one you are exposed to all levels of business from the C-Suite to the front line employees. You will see first-hand how our changes to an organization’s processes can increase revenue and create tangible impacts for a business.

Our Culture

Our Culture is about ‘Our Team’. We are all very hard workers and understand that the collective effort of the Team is what makes us successful, personally and professionally. You will find that every minute of every day is important; you will never be bored. This appeals to ambitious and energetic individuals who have a drive to accomplish things while working alongside like-minded colleagues. Most of our employees were successful at school and in sports or some other competitive landscape. We carry that same inner drive to after hours as well. Teams will seek out interesting venues, games, restaurants, or events even after logging intense work days.

Our Roles

Consultant – The Consultant position offers exposure to an array of high-profile and international environments across all kinds of industries. With work spanning Manufacturing, Logistics, Insurance, Retail and Financial Services, etc., our Consultants help transform client areas to achieve financial and operational results. Typical daily responsibilities include data analysis, field observation, client collaboration as well as process and system redesign. Our Consultants provide the energy, knowledge and creativity; Carpedia provides the tools and training to cultivate success at the firm and in future endeavors.

Senior Consultant – Our Senior Consultants are members of our Consulting team who have showcased exceptional organizational and leadership talents. In addition to the activities performed at the Consultant level, Senior Consultants are tasked with additional responsibilities aimed at directly assisting Results Managers throughout the project cycle. Senior Consultants perform elements of project management, senior client relations and strategic development with the intent of preparing them for future managerial roles.

Results Manager – Our Results Managers are responsible for overseeing client relations, project timelines, budgets and key milestones. Results Managers are also responsible for coaching our teams to continually enhance our product and provide superior results for our clients. Organized, competitive, analytical and emotionally-intelligent; Results Managers emerge with the type of skills and experience that allow them to lead successful project after successful project.


Carpedia International is focused on the personal and professional growth of its team. New hires are guided up steep learning curves with formal mentorship and development programs. Via consistent feedback and dedicated guidance, Carpedia Consultants advance with confidence at an accelerated rate. With less red tape and big firm bureaucracy, Carpedia offers an individualized approach to career advancement and a generous achievement based incentive system. With less red tape and big firm bureaucracy, the growth of your career and compensation at Carpedia International is in your own hands.