Installing Lean Manufacturing

Delmonte Pet – BATCH Uptime and Run Strategy

The Challenge:

With demand growing, the Executive Team realized that assistance was needed to maximize plant productivity. Del Monte had initiated a Lean Manufacturing program designed to increase plant productivity and this was the third plant to use Carpedia to attain results on an accelerated timeline.

  • Improve plant efficiency from 82% to 87%.
  • Reduce IB Waste by 37%.
  • Create an advanced scheduling and inventory management system to meet demand.
  • Install a production tracking and reporting system.
  • Coach the entire management team on Active Management techniques to sustain the results.

The Results:

After several hours of observation and analysis, the project team realized that the primary sources of down-time at the constraint were equipment failures, changeovers and scrap. In order to minimize these opportunities, the following changes were made:

  • The existing PM program was upgraded, re-implemented and monitored daily.
  • The number of changeovers was minimized through the implementation of an advanced scheduling system built around ABC principles.
  • The actual changeovers themselves were shortened through SMED principles.
  • Several areas of the plant had 5S exercises conducted.
  • An advanced scrap tracking, reporting and feedback system was implemented.
  • Several production tracking and reporting tools were implemented.
  • Management was coached on Active Management principles through classroom workshops and on-the-floor training.
  • Project achieved an ROI of 210%.
  • Plant efficiency is tracking at 87%.
  • IB Waste is tracking at 0.7% of overall production.
  • Active management increased from 5% to 15%.

The Client Experience:

“This entire process has generated an enthusiasm in several individuals thru out the plant that we have not seen in the past. We have realized, thru this process, that overall goals are achievable. We have also realized the discipline must be in place and maintained to accomplish the desired results and future gains. I am confident that this momentum will assist this facility in achieving world class performance levels.”

Plant Manager, Del Monte Lawrence

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