Successfully Implementing a Workforce Management Program

Luxury Golf Course & Residential Resort 


Carpedia Hospitality was asked to explore ways to unlock value at a luxury golf and residential resort through the implementation of a workforce management program. The main challenge was that the resort was experiencing a much higher than average labor cost.  The resort consisted of residences, golf courses, restaurants and snack bars and our client asked us to examine all areas within the business.


We designed a program that would not only yield a step change upfront but see continuous improvement thereafter. In order to realize the improvements to labor productivity, Carpedia Hospitality first identified the gaps that existed within the current planning, executing and reporting stages of the business. We were able to supplement these stages with tools, providing more rigor and visibility to critical data points. In the first instance, the introduction of labor standards improved the structure of the management of the business. Carpedia Hospitality also provided the management team with tools to forecast labor requirements based on business volumes. This allowed the management to measure and track success while making small adjustments that made a large impact on financial results.

For the golf courses specifically, shifts were aligned with historical flow patterns and outlined the most appropriate time for maintenance activities to take place. This allowed for more appropriate staffing levels during peak demand and less maintenance activities during play which improved the guest experience.


The project was tremendously successful and one-year post-project completion, the residential resort community realized 221% of the labor productivity goals that were set at the beginning of the program.


“Working with Carpedia Hospitality provided a fresh perspective on our entire process. The financial success of the project was our number one goal, but second to that was challenging the team to improve how they spent their time. The project allowed for us to understand if the work our team was prioritizing was productive financially, however, equally if not more importantly, we were able to evaluate whether the work added value to our customer experience. The project also improved the capabilities of the management team. The tools that were developed and implemented during the project are invaluable to our team’s ability to manage labor hours and costs. Weekly reporting and weekly meetings provided additional tools to hold ourselves accountable and have raised the level of discipline in our forecasting and labor monitoring efforts.”- COO 


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