What you say, what they hear

Lesson Learned #11 In some ways this lesson was learned similarly to the second one we wrote about, when we inexplicably chose a national trucking convention to criticize the trucking industry. When

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Too many reports, too little time

Lesson Learned #8 When we work for an organization we always look closely at how managers plan, execute the plan and then report on the results. We’ve learned over time that the

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Benchmarking others rarely helps

Lesson Learned #7 The idea of benchmarking your processes against other divisions, other firms or other industries to drive innovation or develop new performance targets has long been appealing. Unfortunately, what we

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The least managed part of a business

Lesson Learned #5 One of the more intriguing things we’ve learned working across industries and across functional areas is that the actual point where work physically gets done, what we call the

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Clients don’t care what consultants think

Lesson Learned #4 One of the key things clients expect in a performance improvement project is that their managers will take ownership of the changes that are required to improve performance. That’s not always

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Don’t put down your audience

We had done quite a lot of work in one particular industry and through word of mouth we were invited to speak at a national convention. We prepared an insightful speech that Read More