Don’t put down your audience

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Jot it down! Why note taking is critical to your success

There are a couple of other good reasons to take notes. Taking notes during a meeting is respectful. It tells the person speaking or presenting that you are actually interested in what they have to say. It also forces you to listen more intently to the actual points being made.

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The simplest way to learn more…

Many intelligent and well-educated people mistakenly believe that asking questions makes them somehow look less intelligent. Ironically the tendency to avoid asking questions actually reduces your ability to learn.

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Are you recognizing your employees effectively?

Appearance, environment, history, politics, and what’s going on in someone’s personal life all shape how we judge others. So the real challenge for managers is to be fair in determining what exactly “merit” refers to when a he or she recognizes, rewards or meters out consequence.

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To make positive business improvements, start with this

In our line of work, building and establishing a rapport with our client managers at all levels is a fundamental basis for initiating change within an organization. In order to build this relationship it is critical that we genuinely respect our clients (customers), and equally critical that they feel we respect them.

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