Numbers lie

In many organizations some of the reported performance numbers aren't very "real". It's very similar to people's golf handicaps. The handicap system is a wonderful mechanism to track performance and to allow Read More

How to update your client in 30 seconds or less

“The Elevator Test” refers to when your top customer (or boss or board member) walks into an elevator that you are on and asks, “So, how is everything going?” You have approximately 30 seconds to say something meaningful that the person can take away with him or her, which is roughly the time of a typical TV advertisement or news feature.

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Business problem solving 101

Business problem solving requires clear structured thinking. This is the basis of this Maxim. Being clear and logical requires the consistent application of MECE.

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The importance of the ‘double check’

Nothing damages someone’s professional credibility as quickly as an error, even a minor one. While a simple calculation error or typo can seem trivial in the scheme of things, it implants doubt into your customer’s mind.

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Train yourself to overcome adversity in the workplace

Adversity is an unfortunate inevitability of life, and the business world is no exception. Adversity in business can come in many forms: a difficult staff relationship, misunderstandings or misperceptions among a group, or conflicting objectives of different functions.

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Did your business reach its objectives today?

When a closed ended question is asked, the response that is being looked for is often a “Yes” or a “No.” But when a closed ended question is asked and somebody starts to speak and does not immediately respond to the actual closed question, the real answer is almost always, “No.”

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