The Keys to Great Teamwork

  “Talent Wins Games, Teamwork Wins Championships” – Michael Jordan I had the opportunity to host a panel discussion on the topic of “How to Better Plan, Manage and Execute” as leaders

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Didn’t we already do this?

In the last Opportunity, we discussed the need to look at processes as a whole before descending into the activities of individuals within the process. One of the benefits of analyzing organizations

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How does this impact me?

The third piece of the organizational alignment puzzle is how the reward system supports it or not. Rewards, whether compensation or recognition, have a powerful influence on people’s behaviors and can upend

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Are there any questions?

Due to the fact that we travel to our clients, it’s difficult to get many of our staff together in one place at one time. Twice a year we make an effort

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Is everyone on the same page?

In the last Opportunity we talked about the need for organizational alignment and that there were three sub-components. In this article we will focus on the first component, clarity of direction (organizational Read More

How to straighten out alignment

Over the years we have become increasingly fond of the term “alignment” even though it sounds a little like one of those typical buzz words. It’s a very good concise word for

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Are suggestion boxes useful?

Suggestion boxes are one of those seemingly good ideas that can easily backfire. When we are studying a process area we create a big wall map which is a visual presentation of how the process works. It makes it easy for employees to see how and where their part of the process fits into the whole.

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