Is everyone on the same page?

In the last Opportunity we talked about the need for organizational alignment and that there were three sub-components. In this article we will focus on the first component, clarity of direction (organizational Read More

How to straighten out alignment

Over the years we have become increasingly fond of the term “alignment” even though it sounds a little like one of those typical buzz words. It’s a very good concise word for

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Are suggestion boxes useful?

Suggestion boxes are one of those seemingly good ideas that can easily backfire. When we are studying a process area we create a big wall map which is a visual presentation of how the process works. It makes it easy for employees to see how and where their part of the process fits into the whole.

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In search of world-class performance

World-class, or best-in-class, are terms that organizations like to use to either describe themselves or to use as a benchmark comparison. These terms are often used as some kind of blanket description.

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The unlikable tendencies of a consultant

Contrarians have an innate desire to be skeptical, take opposing viewpoints, and want to do things differently. Although it can be slightly irritating for others in a social setting, it’s very helpful when you are looking for opportunities in a business.

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A solution in search of a problem

A consultant spent three hours watching a production line trying to find opportunity. It was a simple quality inspection area where the product flowed in a continuous stream past a number of trained inspectors.

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Managers don’t provide a “backup” assignment

In many operations, back up assignments can be a useful means to even out daily workflow. By providing a “ready backlog” of work that can be pulled if the main task is delayed for whatever reason, a manager can help optimize the productivity of an area.

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