Carpedia College Management Training Courses

Most managers have never received management training of any kind. Carpedia College is designed to provide managers with the tools and techniques to deliver better results.

How companies use the Carpedia College

Carpedia College is a case study that illustrates the training we provide to our clients during an engagement. It’s designed as a refresher for those who experienced the initial business process improvement training as well as a way to introduce the key principles to those managers hired or promoted after the original project was completed.

  • Customized On-site training
    The 2-day event is conducted at your place of business for an audience of approximately 15 – 20 managers.  Managers complete the 2-day event with tools that can be used to impact performance immediately. Content customized for your business.
  • Manager onboarding & upgrades
    The 2-day training event is followed by 2 weeks of on-the-job coaching, ensuring that the concepts and techniques of the college are understood and applied.
  • Cultural transformations
    The training event is incorporated into a larger engagement, reinforced by on the floor coaching and follow up.

Learning Objectives

  1. Align around a common purpose
    Align your Numbers, Culture, People, and Communication to a common goal.
  2. Make your results visible
    Effectively communicate to your team and teammates
  3. Analyze variance and prioritize
    Practice follow-up techniques based on the team you have and isolate operating problems for resolution.
  4. Problem solve
    Solve operating problems through people, training and process change.
  5. Commit to be better
    Prepare a management action plan to become a better manager.

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