Customer Service & Operational Excellence Consulting

Customer service expectations are constantly rising due to the use of new technologies and ever increasing competition. Your margin for error is razor thin, as any breakdowns in service can lead to customer dissatisfaction and attrition. Further, with online rating and social tools in consumer’s hands, they now wield unprecedented power to impact your brand perception related to service quality. With so much at stake, operations excellence consulting firms have a lot to offer your business.

Whether the service you are providing is transactional and immediate (e.g. retail clerk, registered nurse), or complex and ongoing (e.g. claims agent, lawyer), today’s new standard of service excellence requires organizations to execute flawlessly during every customer interaction. For more than 20 years, Carpedia’s customer service consulting has helped companies to create a strong customer service-focused culture, along with the systems, processes, and behaviors that ensure superior service levels are maintained over time.

Achieving Service Excellence

Improving customer service performance requires figuring out better ways to understand and predict customer demand, as well as making sure your organization’s operations have the capacity and flexibility to provide the services when customers need them—and to do this at the lowest possible cost. Carpedia’s consulting has a proven record of helping clients figure out this delicate balance.


“The financial results there were originally projected at the beginning of the project have been exceeded. In addition to the original scope, the work done by your group cascaded into other projects and helped us to develop an improved approach to continuous improvement in all areas of our business.”

President & CEO, Market Day

Discovery & Analysis

Our customer service and operational excellence consulting begins by examining servicing problems to understand their impact on profitability and operational performance. In order to isolate problems and uncover opportunities, we segment your customer base to determine differences in service requirements between customer segments and across product groups. Through data analysis and observation we identify gaps between service level requirements and current performance.

We work with your service management and staff to study and observe key points of interaction to uncover breakdowns in existing service processes, scheduling systems, and organizational behaviors.

We work with your managers to figure out what different groups of customers want, and when they want them. We help determine what levels of service are required and how they impact profitability. We help streamline workflows and refine how your manager’s plan and schedule work.


Once we identify performance objectives and gaps to be addressed, we work with your managers to implement service process improvements, scheduling systems and training programs designed to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. We install modified forecasting models and work scheduling tools to more effectively balance resources with demand. We also ensure your managers have the tools and measurement systems in place to manage service levels in as close to real time as possible.


To ensure these improvements are sustainable, we provide frontline leaders with the coaching, training, and tools required to maintain service excellence and reinforce behaviors that translate into true competitive differentiation and profitable growth. Our emphasis on sustainability—combined with strong metrics and management reporting—helps reinforce a culture of accountability that leads to consistent and superior service performance over time.