Sales Growth & Profit Improvement Consulting

In today’s hyper-competitive, customer-driven business environment, achieving consistent sales growth can be difficult. Identifying gaps in the revenue capture cycle requires an understanding of its two key drivers: volume (leads, prospects, orders, etc.) and conversion rates (how well leads turn into prospects, and how many prospects turn into customers). That’s where our business growth consulting can help.

For more than two decades, Carpedia’s consulting services have helped organizations overcome obstacles to profit improvement. With deep experience across many industries, we know that barriers to sales growth are often more than just sales management issues. They can also be tied to breakdowns in strategic focus, tactical marketing, service handling, and delivery reliability, even how well interdependent functions are aligned in terms of direction and incentives.


“Management at all levels of the organization now have the tools available to better manage the business and instill the right behaviors to ensure success. I am confident that with continued focus on our key sales drivers, we will drive the growth we targeted at the onset of the engagement.”

COO, Skillsoft Corporation

Discovery & Analysis

We begin by analyzing your company’s revenue picture (by customer segments) so that we fully understand the variances in the buying process. This allows us to identify breakdowns in sales and service that may be affecting your sales volumes, conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Our business growth consulting experts also examine customer segments by key variables, such as:

  • Buying cycles
  • Order size and frequency
  • Pricing variation
  • Account concentration
  • Service requirements
  • Retention rates
  • Segment growth

We match this fact base against your business activity (such as call targeting, territory management or delivery reliability) and look at how well your management systems provide information critical for understanding what is driving or constraining profit improvement.

We then work directly with your sales and service leaders to ensure they recognize the constraints that are under their control and that they appreciate their role in implementing the solutions developed. Together we help identify specific process, system, or behavioral gaps in the selling cycle that need to be addressed and develop specific, tangible, results-oriented plans for improvement.

Implementing Improvements

Most programs focused on revenue growth are designed to increase pipeline volume and improve conversion ratios. An increase in pipeline volume can be driven by better customer segmentation, improved marketing to targeted segments, and the methods and materials that better engage prospects. Customer retention and development are also targeted areas to retain or grow revenue streams.

We work with your managers to focus marketing and selling efforts on specific customer segments and to refine the associated sales funnel and sales cycle activities. Improving account management, opportunity identification, selling and service capabilities at customer touch-points are all generally part of an implementation plan to foster growth.


To ensure these improvements are sustainable, we make sure your sales and service leaders have the right executive support, management tools and coaching needed to drive growth. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with Carpedia throughout the engagement enables them to take full ownership of the plan. That commitment to growth then becomes part of their management DNA.