Working Capital Management Consulting

During periods of growth or contraction, your company will likely experience cash flow issues that can impact your ability to fund operations and invest in new products or markets. By focusing on the critical levers of efficient working capital management, you can generate cash to improve earnings and fuel new investment. For over 20 years, Carpedia’s working capital management consulting has been helping clients implement process improvements to maximize the cash-generating capacity of their working capital.

Maximizing Cash Flow

When not managed carefully, businesses can starve themselves of cash needed to fund suppliers, meet payroll, or purchase new equipment. Our cash management consulting services are designed to quickly help you determine the various sources of your cash flow challenges. We then work with you to implement the necessary financial and operational process improvements to maximize cash flow.

Cole Dolny of ASL Distribution discusses the Carpedia Assessment / Analysis process, Carpedia College, and the sustainability of the results achieved when his organization engaged in a relationship with Carpedia International.

Discovery & Analysis

We begin by examining the state of your working capital & cash flow management to find the bottlenecks that restrict cash generation. Typical areas we address include: the revenue cycle (order to cash), accounts receivable and the collection cycle, inventory management, vendor management (order to pay), and capital expenditures. During this analysis phase, we identify gaps in processes, systems, and management decision-making related to how you manage your cash flow and present a prioritized set of issues that can be improved.


Once our initial discovery and analysis is complete, our consultants work directly with your financial and operations management to examine underlying assumptions that drive the need for cash. We also work with you to uncover process breakdowns, management systems, and behaviors that hinder your cash flow generation. We find that challenging basic assumptions and directly observing related processes works best at uncovering the root causes of working capital problems that aren’t always easily perceptible.


Our cash flow consulting services take an integrated team approach, working shoulder-to-shoulder with your management to modify decision assumptions and to implement policy and process changes. We then build or refine management systems to operationalize financial, vendor, and inventory management best practices. We also improve the data integrity of information systems to ensure timely, reliable tracking and reporting of key working capital measurements.


To ensure these improvements are sustainable, we provide frontline leaders with the coaching, training, and tools required to optimize cash flow and reinforce behaviors that translate into more efficient working capital and improved earnings. Our emphasis on sustainability—combined with strong metrics and management reporting—helps reinforce the accountability that leads to consistent performance over time.