Healthcare Performance Improvement Consulting

In today’s world of healthcare reform and reimbursement turmoil, healthcare providers are looking for implemented, sustainable solutions that provide value for patients while increasing the efficiency of health systems and the effectiveness of physician’s groups. That’s where healthcare consulting companies come in.

For healthcare providers faced with revenue compression and bottom line pressure, Carpedia has a proven record of implementing healthcare performance improvement and clinical integration strategies that result in improved patient care, greater cost containment, and more predictable patient volumes.

Improving Patient Care and Cost Performance

Our healthcare consulting team works with your management team to improve clinical quality, patient safety, and demand management. Together we can improve the patient experience by transforming patient care models for better quality of care, greater patient safety, and higher overall patient satisfaction.

Along with improving patient care, we also deliver healthcare performance improvement across all areas of hospital operations from clinical units to ancillary support departments, as well as administrative offices.

Some of our project results include:

  • Decreased emergency department cycle time
  • Extended nursing time at the bedside to increase patient satisfaction
  • Increased operating room capacity and throughput
  • Streamlined critical care processes to reduce length of stay
  • Improved food and nutrition quality
  • Increased engineering department material cost recovery
  • Back office administration consolidation and capacity generation 

Richard D’Aquila of Yale-New Haven Hospital discusses how the Carpedia Healthcare Management Consulting “Safe Patient Flow” project has dramatically decreased the amount of time patients spend waiting in the emergency department.

Getting the Right Perspective

We spend our time observing and analyzing your operations directly on the hospital floor alongside your staff and physicians. From this perspective we are able uncover process constraints, ineffective planning tools, and reactive management behaviors that lead to diminished quality of care and hospital inefficiencies.

Through broad engagement with your administration, employees, and medical teams, we are able to address these opportunities by implementing changes to increase capacity, improve efficiency and decrease length of stay. By decreasing the patient cycle time, our healthcare clients are able to expand capacity, compress costs and improve their financial leverage.

Offering More than Advice

With no capital investment required and using only the assets already deployed, our team immerses fulltime in your organization to get the job done on predetermined timelines and cost. We assess the upfront quality, service, and efficiency gaps your hospital is facing, then determine the magnitude of financial benefit available to you using our data driven methodology.

Through this approach we implement changes that deliver tangible financial returns. Engagements are self‐funding in the first year, typically with multiples.

But our help does not end with implementation. We coach, train, and support your leadership and front line staff to ensure improvement sustainability. With this deeper level of implementation, the benefits of the changes continue to accrue in our absence and operations continue to perform with greater predictability.

Our services related to healthcare performance improvement include:

  • Patient Quality of Care
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Quality Ratings and Metrics
  • Reduced Medical Errors and Increased Safety
  • Asset and Capital Utilization
  • Throughput and Capacity Planning
  • Physician and Employee Engagement
  • Productivity and Efficiency
  • Cost Containment
  • Revenue Cycle Compression
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Materials Management

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