Retail Management Consulting

The retail industry faces a variety of challenges, including online competitors, discounting, and supply chain management—all of which impact margins. So retailers must look for ways to improve the customer experience at the same time they optimize labor scheduling and merchandising to drive sales and profitability. Retail firms are relentlessly looking for the right balance of trade-offs, including online or brick-and-mortar storefronts, personal service or automated processes, merchandise selection or inventory costs. That’s why you need a retail consulting firm like Carpedia!

We have a track record of increasing sales for retailers by growing both transaction volume and average order size. Our retail management consultants work in a variety of retail environments including national and regional chains, independent and specialty stores, and cooperative organizations.

Winning in retail means having the right products for your targeted customers (at the right time, place, and price), as well as an intuitive and simple buying process. With our retail consulting services, you’ll get help matching staffing levels with customer shopping patterns and finding the right product/service mix to satisfy both customer needs and business requirements.


“Carpedia became part of our team and were incredibly focused on delivering results. More importantly, they left us with the tools and confidence to continue into the future. The project has made us better managers.”

President & CEO, Market Day

Improving Customer Experience

Our retail management consultants work closely with your retail team to understand customer requirements and optimize your resources. Using on-the-ground observation and close collaboration with managers, we learn about local store types, merchandising layouts, customer flow, and traffic patterns. Armed with this knowledge, we develop store optimization strategies to grow conversion rates and order size through intelligent merchandising, point-of-sale displays, and selling techniques. We also help develop optimal staffing guidelines to provide more effective and useful customer engagement.

But we don’t just make recommendations and walk away. To ensure consistent performance and predictable results in the future, we work with you to put the changes into place and build the capabilities of frontline associates and managers by providing coaching support, tools, and training.

Our retail consulting services include:

  • Customer flow modeling and forecasting
  • Merchandising layout and shelf space optimization
  • Store operations management
  • Customer service
  • Cross and upsell techniques
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Supply chain management