Transportation and Logistics Consulting

Transportation and logistics plays a significant role in most manufacturing or distribution firms, whether it’s done internally or outsourced to third party providers. Effectively managing an integrated supply chain is critical to meet ever-increasing customer demands, enable greater production efficiency, and control processing costs.

Carpedia’s transportation and logistics consulting has extensive experience with a wide cross-section of the industry:

  • Wholesale and Distribution – Asset Utilization
  • Third-party Logistics – Service
  • Trucking (LTL & TL) – Productivity
  • Expedited logistics – Maintenance
  • Container Shipping – Inventory management
  • Warehouse Operations – Internal Capabilities

Cole Dolny of ASL Distribution discusses the Carpedia Assessment / Analysis process, Carpedia College, and the sustainability of the results achieved when his organization engaged in a relationship with Carpedia International’s logistics consultants.

Improving Asset Utilization and Delivery Performance

By focusing on the interrelated areas of your operating processes, management operating systems, and leadership development, our logistics consultants help you implement solutions that will maximize equipment utilization, improve on‐time delivery, increase inventory turns, and reduce operating costs.

Whether on the road or in the warehouse, achieving optimal flow is difficult. Ever-changing demand patterns require nimble planning systems and minimal downtime through the process. Our teams deliver measurable results by working closely with your leadership team to align the core expectations of the business with the business plan. This will include significant upgrades and visibility to the flow of the business that often include improvements to demand and supply planning.

We work closely with your managers and internal improvement teams to identify and problem solve operating issues that cause costly down time. Our logistics and transportation consulting experts have a consistent track record of delivering improvements in network, asset, warehouse, and inventory optimization. Trust one of the best transportation consulting firms in the industry.

In addition we provide your leaders with the education required to effectively plan and confidently problem solve issues that are impeding performance. Communication between departments is also improved significantly.