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My managers now have a methodology that they can turn to, to help solve problems that reduce cost or increase revenue is critical for our continued success.

Vice President of Food and Beverage

I appreciate the partnership that we formed with Carpedia through this process. Your firm works with integrity, caring about both the results and also the road to get there. The team consisted of smart and hardworking individuals, with a real knack for working with people.

Area VP

Your on-site team were very proficient with understanding the logistics associated with each department, and effective in establishing solid relationships with our department and executive leadership.

General Manager

I have had the great fortune to lead a national CEO peer group organization and have spent nearly 15 years listening to some of the top speakers in the world including Larry Bossidy, Jim Collins, General Jim Mattis, just to name a few and would put Andrew at or near the top of that list. Andrew provides a very high content presentation with numerous actionable take homes for the audience. One of my members even commented that Andrew was one of the best speakers he has heard in the ten years he has been involved in our network which is an incredible testament. I would highly recommend Andrew for organizations looking for a top-notch speaker/consultant to help drive stronger execution around performance and cultural alignment.

Rob Grabill
President / Chief Executive Network

Andrew’s presentation to the CEO Forum group I Chair on the topic of Performance and Cultural Alignment was interesting, insightful and generated some very valuable and practical ideas for all.  Andrew is also a very masterful speaker who is clear, articulate, engaging and knowledgeable, and the way he was able to combine these skills with a highly interactive and fun approach further helped to ensure a real and lasting impact that I believe would be valuable for any group of business executives.

Gary Breininger
Chair / MacKay CEO Forum

Andrew came into our group of executives and delivered a workshop that was lively, interactive and most importantly, gave my members some tools and strategies to take away and apply to their business to make it more profitable and predictable. Andrew’s workshop on Performance & Cultural Alignment gave my members a framework to apply to better align people and processes so that execution can be significantly improved.  For any group that is interested in how to better execute their strategy through much higher alignment, I would highly recommend this session.

Michael Kehoe
Executive Advisor / Presidents of Enterprising Organizations

We are always searching for ways to provide value to the business leaders who are members of our community... Andrew Rush was succinct and knowledgeable when it came to aligning corporate beliefs and behaviors. He was able to engage our leaders to reflect and think about how they can get their people focused on moving effectively and efficiently towards a common goal and purpose.

Leon Goren
President & CEO / Enterprising Organizations (PEO)

Del Monte Bloomsburg

“The training they provided our supervisors was the best I have ever seen. It was hands on, 1 on 1, on shift, on the job, and intense. It reinforced performance expectations for all supervisors and gave them tools to effectively identify and solve their shifts problems. This training was most likely the single biggest key to success of the project."

Plant Manager / Del Monte Bloomsburg

Skillsoft Corporation

“Management at all levels of the organization now have the tools available to better manage the business and instill the right behaviors to ensure success. I am confident that with continued focus on our key sales drivers we drive the additional growth we targeted at the onset of the engagement.”

COO / Skillsoft Corporation

New Flyer Industries

“The Carpedia team began to immediately add value by immersing themselves in our organization. This enabled them to quickly understand a very complex multi site situation and the issues that the organization faced in all aspects of our business from sales to engineering and supply chain management right through to execution on the production floor.“

Executive Vice President / New Flyer Industries

MacDon Industries Ltd.

“Carpedia successfully completed projects for MacDon Industries that covered everything from shop floor processes and controls, supply chain initiatives, to rough cut capacity and production planning. Their quick understanding of our situation, professional and focused approach on results, combined with a strong rapport with all levels of our organization provided an excellent catalyst and support for successful change."

Vice President / MacDon Industries Ltd.

Market Day

“The financial results that were originally projected at the beginning of the project have been exceeded. In addition to the original scope, the work done by your group cascaded into other projects and helped us to develop an improved approach to continuous improvement in all areas of our business.”

President & CEO / Market Day

H.J. Heinz

Carpedia proved to be very effective and the results were greater than our initial expectations. More importantly, it appears as if the improvements will be permanent.  The Carpedia team was actively involved in the day to day operations. They were flexible in their approach and demonstrated a sincere desire to help the plant improve.”

Manufacturing Manager / H.J. Heinz

Vestcom International Inc.

“The work that Carpedia does within the walls of the facility is where the rubber meets the road. The engagement with the teams and the implementation process is outstanding.” Vestcom International

EVP & CFO / Vestcom International Inc.

Constellation Brands Inc.

“The Carpedia approach, to me, is excellent. It engages my team, teaches them new skills, and accelerates the implementation of critical tracking systems & method improvements – quick results plus improved and sustainable organizational capability.”

Vice President / Constellation Brands

Skillsoft Corporation

​"Management at all levels of the organization how have the tools to better manage the business and instill the right behaviors to ensure success."

COO / Skillsoft Corporation

Market Day

​"The individuals who worked with us became part of our team and were incredibly focused on delivering results.  More importantly, they left us with the tools confidence to continue after their departure.  The project has made us better managers."

President & CEO / Market Day

Manulife Financial

“Carpedia “observed and analyzed” administrative jobs of a life insurance company from the standpoint of quality control in the manufacturing industry and classified the working hours as “productive/non-productive” to identify the lost time. The fact that Carpedia had little knowledge about the operations of Japanese life insurance companies worked positively as we could observe the business processes with fresh eyes."

Assistant Vice President / Manulife Financial


"The dock loading project, combined with your previously completed barge dispatch project, will yield in excess of 3 million dollars."

President / Tilcon Connecticut, Inc.


"The financial results that were originally projected at the beginning of the project have been doubled. Your group helped to energize our managers around the improvements in the plan and even with the final departure of their Carpedia colleagues, they continue to deliver results and use the models and systems that were developed."

Vice President, Customer Service & Logistics​ / ​Rich Products Corporation


An ROI of 4.5:1 was proposed to us by Carpedia. We have received a return of 5.5:1. While the annualized savings have exceeded expectations, the process they assisted us in implementing is where the greater value lies.

Yale-New Haven Hospital

“The integrative approach you employ to help implement change and then coach our managers has proven very effective and will ensure that the changes are sustained.”

Senior Vice President / Yale-New Haven Hospital

“The integrative approach you employ to help implement change and then coach our managers has proven very effective and will ensure that the changes are sustained.”

Yale New Haven Hospital
Senior Vice President

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