Delivering Results, not Reports for over 25 years

In a disruptive business world, Carpedia helps clients create more predictable and sustainable performance. We have a long track record of delivering results for our clients – which is why 94% of our clients recommend our services to other organizations.

We understand that fixing systems and process breakdowns is not enough to create sustainable performance improvement. Our approach includes behavioral change as a critical element. By coaching and teaching, not just advising – we deliver lasting improvements in performance and profitability.

At Carpedia, we deliver Results Not Reports.


Some of Our Clients


Following two successful projects, Carpedia was asked to look at what could be done to improve manufacturing scheduling tools, production of kits, and outsourcing processes.

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The Need to Reinvent Your Operating Models in a Post COVID World

The degree with which you need to re-think your models depends on how much COVID-19 will materially affect your particular market segment. One way to think about this is to segment business operations by degree of exposure, from both a customer as well as an employee perspective.


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