A Career with Impact

Carpedia offers an environment where talented, results-driven, passionate learners can thrive. If you are motivated by seeing the tangible results of your work and interacting with all levels of management and staff, then you’ve found the right place. As a member of our team, you will produce results, not reports. For us, it’s not just a slogan, but a reality, which is why 94% of our clients recommend our services.

Who we look for

While academic credentials are important, at Carpedia we believe that an individual’s attitude and their demonstrated ability to achieve results in various fields (academics, athletics, business) is also critical.

Some of our most successful people have had experience on high performance teams where they have been put under pressure to perform and have learned the value of understanding team dynamics.

What’s Great About the Job

Carpedia offers the opportunity to work with teams of talented individuals across diverse industries throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Our on-the-ground approach to client delivery allows you to experience firsthand a multitude of diverse cultures and work environments. Those who are committed to driving results will have opportunities for rapid career advancement. Working at Carpedia you will:

  • Learn and grow personally and professionally – You get to experience a diverse set of industries, functional areas, and people. You get to see how many different types of businesses operate: how a manufacturer physically transforms raw materials into products or how a five-star hotel provides world-class service. You can work shoulder-to-shoulder with the company president in the morning and a front-line worker in the afternoon—solving problems by understanding the issues from multiple perspectives.
  • Experience different people, different cultures – You get to interact with a variety of people and cultures throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Our clients have different interests, different hobbies, and different life-styles, all of which help to grow your personal understanding of what motivates people and what is critical for the success of our projects.
  • Achieve rapid career progression – As a smart, high-performer your upward path is limited only by your ability to learn, absorb, and apply different aspects of what we do.
  • Deliver real results – You will work directly with all levels of management to make sure your recommended changes work and that they stick. This is more difficult than just “advising” but it is also immensely more rewarding and fulfilling. It’s a much more interesting job when you have to get your hands dirty alongside your clients and make something better than it was.
  • Enjoy our work hard/play hard culture – You will experience a culture of very hard workers and you will find that every minute of every day is important. However, we are not just all about work. Most of our employees were successful at school and in sports or some other competitive landscape. We carry that same inner drive to our after-hours as well. Every week, teams seek out interesting venues, games, restaurants, or events—even after logging intense work days.

What to Expect

The world of consulting is not for everyone. There are some practical considerations you need to think about before applying to work for Carpedia.

  • Travel requirements – We are a hands-on implementation company. That means we work day-to-day with our clients to try to help them make their businesses more successful. It also means we need to spend a lot of time working directly with our clients on the shop floor, hotel lobby, or office. It is simply not a “boardroom” or “office” job. The need to be at our clients’ locations means we travel on a weekly basis. While the travel schedule will vary from client to client, you need to expect to leave Sunday/Monday and return home Thursday/Friday. We can’t implement from the office and as such, this is the way we work and you need to think through these requirements carefully when considering a position with us.
  • Pressure to deliver results – We commit to delivering real, tangible results and don’t simply submit a report and hope that our clients can make it work. We roll up our sleeves and struggle through the changes with them. Some may find this type of environment extremely rewarding, for others it may be overwhelming. Change is often difficult for our clients, and you will often have to vigorously defend your recommendations, or adjust your strategy to accommodate new information. You need to be resilient and determined to achieve the results, against what sometimes seems like great odds. You need to find this type of mental and physical challenge exciting.