Improving Operational Processes and Productivity Standards

High Demand Business & Leisure Resort

As Orlando’s hospitality industry rapidly expanded and the labor market grew tighter, a large resort complex with consistently high occupancy enlisted the support of Carpedia Hospitality to tighten operations while effectively meeting the needs of their mix of convention and leisure guests.

The Challenge

Because the client rarely saw occupancy dip below 80% due to its strong group business and prime location near Orlando’s most popular attractions, there had historically been less of a need to analyze workforce management policies. However, forward-thinking owners took note of the expanding field of competitors and requested that Carpedia Hospitality review the property’s operations to identify potential efficiencies while ensuring that the best possible service was provided. To meet the client’s goals, it was crucial to understand how to account for the fluidity required to serve a mix of guests with distinct requirements and expectations.

The Solution

Carpedia Hospitality conducted observations over a one-month period, during weeks of varying group and transient volumes. Observations uncovered opportunities to become more dynamic with stationing in Recreation and Public Areas to account for the variation in use of facilities and amenities based on guest mix. During the analysis Carpedia Hospitality collected data around guest activity and identified patterns to help optimize Front Office coverage, Housekeeping credit attainment, and Concierge Desk operating hours. Menu engineering and design mechanisms were put in place in the large F&B operation to balance historical demand levels, product availability, competitive pricing, and workload complexity with profitability. The preventative maintenance process in Engineering was also updated to allow for maximum completion without losing room inventory.

The analysis yielded volume-based productivity goals that flexed around the ratio of group to leisure guests. With these new standards, Carpedia Hospitality built scheduling and forecasting tools and trained leaders to plan weekly staffing around anticipated volume. Daily meetings were established at the department level to promote close daily management of coverage, and department heads began meeting weekly to compare actual results to standards. Carpedia Hospitality helped to foster a culture of active labor management and excitement around achieving improvement goals.

The Results

New productivity standards were incorporated into the budget, and after 12 months of tracking, the client achieved 119% of the planned improvement. The operation’s newfound efficiency made it possible to deliver a high-quality guest experience using fewer hours, which reduced overtime and alleviated constraints caused by Orlando’s increasingly tight labor market. With Carpedia Hospitality’s support, the busy resort achieved even greater profitability while better positioning itself for continued success moving forward.


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