Analyzing Patients First Impressions

The Challenge:

Executive management requested that Carpedia conduct an analysis of the patient’s first impressions of their service experience at the hospital. In particular the Breast Imaging department was analyzed for the effectiveness of the patient service delivery. The analysis identified opportunities to improve both the patient’s perception and the cost effectiveness of the service delivery.

The Results:

Carpedia worked with the management team to develop a patient responsive and cost effective service delivery. Some of the specific results achieved included:

  • Average patient wait times we re reduced 61% through improved scheduling of technologists based on forecasted patient volumes and equipment availability.
  • Increased patient volume 25% with development of appointment standards based on patient needs and procedure requirements.
  • Patient satisfaction scores increased 6%. Developed patient satisfaction survey and utilized results in problem solving process. Developed employee service behavior model and trained all employees.

Improved patient way finding with comprehensive signage plan throughout the area. In addition, a management operating system was developed to provide management with the tools to effectively manage the resources to meet the service and financial objectives of the organization.

  • Refine the management system to link corporate objectives to employee behavior and service delivery.
  • Develop performance planning tools to link service and financial objectives with patient needs.
  • Implement patient, employee and equipment scheduling based on patient needs and work requirements.
  • Develop operating results management tools.
  • Tie the operational management systems to the financial budgets.
  • Improve feedback from patients.

The Client Experience:

“I am writing to thank you for your firm’s great work over the past 2 years. We have worked together to improve food and nutrition, laundry, environmental, patient escort, food procurement, breast imaging, and endoscopy services.”

Vice President, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

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