Strengthening restaurant brand identity through continuous improvement


In order to strengthen its position in the marketplace and maintain its competitive advantage, a large restaurant and catering operator placed a continuous focus on enhancing the guest experience while simultaneously cultivating the flare of each brand. As a first step, the decision was made to bring Carpedia into one of their largest brands to help work on these internal initiatives. With locations across Canada and varying restaurant designs, it was important for Carpedia to develop models and improvements that could be effectively installed in all locations. As such, three prototype locations were selected to capture a cross-section of the network.

In addition to working in three locations with different layout designs, Carpedia was tasked to work with local management teams that were diverse in style and tenure.

The initiative was projected to deliver a 220% return on investment for the three prototype locations with dividends from a national rollout being realized in as quickly as three months.


At the conclusion of the project, annualized savings were projected to exceed the project requirement. A detailed rollout schedule was installed to take the changes and results across the network. Given the success of the initiative, Carpedia was asked to replicate the results at two more of the company’s large brands.

Many changes were made to each restaurant’s processes, operating systems, and management behaviors to drive the improved results such as:

  • Improved alignment of associate scheduling with forecasted guest count
  • Installed controls to ensure non-time sensitive activities take place off-peak
  • Reassigned roles to ensure value add activities were completed by skilled labor
  • Installed layout changes to improve seat utilization

Prototype locations demonstrated an 11% improvement in labor productivity and a 14% increase in peak period guest count.


“Over the past 8 months, we have worked closely with the Carpedia project team to implement Phase 1 of this initiative in three of our brands. The work that my management team has completed with Carpedia has been built directly into our internal management system and will ensure sustainability of improvements moving forward. I am pleased with the work of Carpedia and with the close working relationship we established. As a testament to that fact, we plan to continue working with Carpedia next year.” – Fmr. Senior Vice President


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