Business Process Improvement Consulting

As your operations grow and become more complex—and customers become more demanding—existing processes and systems may break down. Having a clear understanding of the demand patterns of your business, and coordinating your resources to adequately service that demand is challenging under the best of circumstances. Doing so while maintaining profitability and customer satisfaction requires a keen understanding of your operating constraints and management’s ability to react to demand fluctuations. That’s where Carpedia’s business process improvement consulting comes in.

We will work closely with your management team to uncover operating problems and implement performance initiatives and process re-engineering that deliver measurable improvements in service, profitability and cash flow. Our results-driven approach helps our clients routinely realize an average 3:1 return on their investment with Carpedia.

Improving Business Process Productivity and Service

At one time or another, most businesses struggle with problems caused by breakdowns in planning mechanisms, operating processes, and organizational behaviors that need improvement. Our process re-engineering services are designed to quickly help you determine your current and potential processing capacities, and identify the constraints that restrict volume throughput, drive up costs, or damage service.


“The Carpedia approach, to me, is excellent. It engages my team, teaches them new skills, and accelerates the implementation of critical tracking systems and method improvements – quick results plus improved and sustainable organizational capability.”

Vice President, Constellation Brands

Discovery & Analysis

We begin our process by breaking down your profit picture into revenue and cost drivers that connect the financial world with your operating environment. We also examine what service criteria are important to various customer segments and how service levels impact your resource requirements. Understanding the key underlying service, revenue, and cost drivers helps us build specific linkages between your financial and operational performance.


Our consultants will be on the ground working directly with your people, observing and quantifying the impact of day-to-day operating problems. This focused observation allows us to help identify breakdowns in existing business processes, management systems, and behaviors that are hindering productivity, and to uncover the root causes of performance problems that aren’t always readily apparent. We collaborate with you to establish current performance gaps and identify what specific improvements need to be implemented.


We take an integrated team approach, working closely with your managers to implement process changes that free up constraints and better balance workflow. We also build or refine management systems to better control the business, and improve the data integrity of information systems to ensure accurate, reliable tracking and reporting.


To make certain these business productivity improvements are sustainable, we provide frontline leaders with the coaching, training, and tools required to control the flow of work and to improve communication between departments. This—combined with operating reports to management—helps reinforce a culture of accountability that leads to consistently higher performance over time.

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