How We Help

Carpedia Hospitality, a global, implementation-based management consulting firm, provides the recreation and gaming industry with solutions that improve operating performance and alleviate profit margin pressure. We work alongside market leaders and early adopters to develop customized and data-driven management tools that materially improve profitability while coaching teams to gain the tactical skills required to achieve operational excellence and continuous improvement.

Rather than just deliver our findings and recommendations to you in a report, our consultants actively assist with implementation while coaching, training, and supporting leaders. This ensures that the benefits and underlying changes will continue long after our consultants are gone. The performance improvement is carefully tracked, to ensure results are realized in financial performance and satisfaction metrics. Results from our engagements meet or exceed initial expectations over 90% of the time and the average return on investment for our clients is between 200% – 300% within the first year.

Improvement Areas

Some of our Clients


Within the recreation and gaming industry we work with owners, asset managers and management companies within the following:

  • Casinos
  • Golf Courses and Clubs
  • Museums and Attractions
  • Ski Resorts
  • Theme Parks

Independent Luxury Resort and Golf Course

There is often a balance to strike between guest satisfaction and operational efficiency especially for independent luxury resorts that offer an original guest experience and high levels of service. Carpedia Hospitality is often contacted to implement enhanced structure within labor management systems at independent resorts and to provide support in developing tools that will enable operational efficiency.

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