Capital Planning

Innovative technologies and state-of-the-art equipment are presenting new ways of unlocking value in your business. However, making smart capital expenditure decisions, that result in the greatest return on investment, require careful planning and analysis. Our hospitality management consultants have deep knowledge of the best tools that will maximize operational efficiencies all while maintaining the correct balance of human capital for the unique requirements of your brand.

Our experts have helped our clients with the following:

  • Develop detailed operational capital planning programs for portfolios and single assets
  • Model the impact of capital planning projects on cash flow
  • Evaluate and operationalize new technology to extract maximum value
  • Recalibrate existing technologies to align with business objectives and optimize performance
  • Reconfigure structural layouts to maximize productivity and drive profits
  • Quantify investment opportunities for kitchen, housekeeping and engineering equipment

During our unique 2-week opportunity analysis phase, our team uncovers and quantifies capital planning requirements that will complement your service levels and profitability. From there, a more tailored and extensive project engagement serves to validate opportunities, jointly develop solutions, and implement best practices.

Rather than just deliver our findings and recommendations to you in a report, our consultants actively assist with implementation while coaching, training, and supporting leaders. This ensures the benefits and underlying changes will continue long after we are gone. The performance improvement is carefully tracked, to ensure results are realized in financial performance and satisfaction metrics. Results from our engagements meet or exceed initial expectations over 90% of the time and the average return on investment is between 200 – 300% within the first year.


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