Due Diligence Support

Knowledgeable and accurate operational advice is pivotal in making smart real estate investments. Carpedia Hospitality’s management consultants support the commercial due diligence process by defining the potential operational upside for individual assets and portfolios. Our extensive experience at the granular level of operations, coupled with our market-specific data points, gives Carpedia Hospitality credibility and unparalleled understanding of unique market dynamics. In addition to market fundamentals, we also consider the brand, management company, ownership model, union presence, service level, positioning, size of the operation and property’s amenities to determine the value that could be unlocked.

Carpedia Hospitality’s due diligence support can be performed from the desktop given our extensive knowledge of international and local market dynamics. Alternatively, we can conduct a deep dive analysis by doing site visits to give a more detailed view of the opportunities and potential improvements.

Post-transaction, we then deliver our unique 2-week opportunity analysis to further quantify processes, management systems, and organizational behavior issues that might be eroding service levels and profitability.  From there, a more tailored and extensive project engagement serves to validate opportunities, jointly develop solutions, and implement best practices.


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Large Urban Residential Complex

Carpedia Hospitality helped the owner and operator of one of New York’s largest private residential apartment to gain visibility into the operational aspects of the community, optimize productivity and alleviate margin pressure.

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