Pre-opening Services

A strong foundation is critical for the success of any business and the pre-opening phase is the perfect time to get things right from the start. There are always challenges that take place in this period and employees are pivotal to making the lead-up to opening as smooth as possible. Carpedia Hospitality works alongside pre-opening teams to ensure employees have the right tools to achieve strong operating profits from the beginning.

Our management consultants have worked with major hospitality brands and independent businesses to do the following:

  • Facilitate human resource planning
  • Develop hiring schedules
  • Develop and implement labor standards and procedures
  • Create training materials and conduct staff training
  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations
  • Develop tactical measurement tools to monitor progress
  • Conduct reporting and analysis

During our unique opportunity analysis phase, our consultants work alongside your pre-opening team and asset managers to develop a carefully designed and tailored approach to quantify processes, management systems, and organizational behavior that are required to support this phase. From there, a more extensive project engagement serves to validate opportunities, jointly develop solutions, and implement best practices.

Rather than just deliver our findings and recommendations to you in a report, our consultants actively assist with implementation while coaching, training, and supporting leaders. This ensures the benefits will continue long after we are gone. Performance is carefully tracked, to ensure results are realized in financial performance and satisfaction metrics. Results from our engagements meet or exceed initial expectations over 90% of the time and the average return on investment is between 200 – 300% within the first year.


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