Supply Chain Optimization

Optimizing the supply chain in a hospitality-focused business presents unique and continuous challenges. There is a balance to strike between providing guests with quality products and controlling costs, while seasonal prices and rapidly changing consumer tastes also add to the need for constant management. Without dynamic control in this area, the supply chain can be unforgiving with the smallest mistake having a severe negative impact on profitability.

Our consultants work to deliver and implement customized and innovative supply chain strategies alongside our clients. We have helped our clients:

  • Implement forecasting and ordering programs to reduce waste
  • Uncover operating problems and implement performance initiatives that drive efficiency
  • Develop purchasing strategies to boost profitability
  • Advise on and integrate new technologies that interface with property management systems
  • Introduce new stock taking processes to minimize stock losses

During our unique 2-week opportunity analysis phase, our consulting team uncovers and quantifies processes, management systems, and organizational behavior issues that might be eroding the effectiveness of your supply chain. From there, a more tailored and extensive project engagement serves to validate opportunities, jointly develop solutions, and implement best practices.

To make certain these improvements are sustainable, we provide your management teams with the coaching, training, and tools required to control the flow of products and information throughout the supply chain. This ensures the benefits and underlying changes will continue long after we are gone. The performance improvement is carefully tracked, to ensure results are realized in financial performance and satisfaction metrics. Results from our engagements meet or exceed initial expectations over 90% of the time and the average return on investment is between 200 – 300% within the first year.


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Optimize cash flow through process refinement and visibility

Carpedia Hospitality uncovers opportunities to drive operational performance. During the implementation of a labor management program, it became apparent that there was additional value to be unlocked within our client’s supply chain.

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