Carpedia Hospitality is a global, implementation-based management consultancy. Owners, asset managers, management companies and leaders turn to us to help improve operating performance while enhancing the guest and employee experience. We are experts at developing systems and processes while working alongside your team to implement changes that ensure sustained results.

The recovery phase of the Covid-19 downturn will likely be prolonged and volatile for the hospitality industry. We are helping leading organizations fundamentally transform their operating models to be more agile and flexible, in order to provide an appropriate level of service while scaling to lower and fluctuating volumes and maximizing revenue capture. Operators have a rare opportunity to make significant changes now that will not only help navigate through the crisis but will also have a substantial benefit on profitability once travel demand returns.

Typical performance improvement opportunities relate to:

  • Establishing new operational requirements following Covid-19 to keep guests and workforces safe
  • Creating labor standards and staffing parameters that align with volatile demand patterns
  • Cross-utilizing and complexing of management and hourly roles across properties and markets
  • Determining optimal days and hours of operation for departments across properties
  • Scaling property physical footprint utilization to correspond with business volumes
  • Maximizing operating revenue capture from on-site guests throughout the service experience
  • Reducing non-labor operating expenses
  • Rebuilding in alignment with optimized standards

Ultra-luxury Resort – Reopening after a Crisis

An ultra-luxury resort in the Caribbean sought to reopen successfully after an unforeseen closure following Hurricane Maria. As the property leaders juggled onboarding new and returning employees, driving revenues, and maintaining the resort’s reputation for impeccable service, Carpedia Hospitality was engaged to provide support in maximizing profitability as quickly as possible.

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