Supply Chain Optimization

As the economy becomes ever more global and networked, expanding customer demands increase the complexity of managing your supply chain.

And as your supply chain grows more complex, so too does managing the relationships between internal functions and external suppliers and customers.  Over time, this can result in breakdowns in planning mechanisms, operating processes, and organizational behaviors. Our supply chain services are designed to help you determine your internal and external flow capacities, and identify the issues that constrain throughput, drive up operating costs, and damage service.

Improving Supply Chain Management

We will work closely with your management team to uncover operating problems and implement performance initiatives that deliver measurable improvements in throughput, profitability and service.

Cole Dolny of ASL Distribution discusses the Carpedia Assessment / Analysis process, Carpedia College, and the sustainability of the results achieved when his organization engaged in a relationship with Carpedia International.

Discovery & Analysis

We begin our process by breaking down your existing supply chain into key management planning processes (sales and operations planning, inventory management, and strategic sourcing and supplier management).  Understanding the key underlying service, revenue, and cost drivers helps us build specific linkages between your financial and operational performance, and identify existing performance gaps.


Our consultants work directly with your people, observing and quantifying the impact of day-to-day operating problems from order entry, to capacity planning and scheduling, to material flow, handling and distribution. This focused analysis allows us to help identify breakdowns in existing flow design, operating processes, management systems, and organizational behaviors that are restricting throughput and service. We work with you to quantify current performance gaps and identify what specific changes need to be implemented.


We take an integrated team approach, working closely with your managers to implement planning and process changes that free up constraints and better balance workflow. We also build or refine management systems to better control the business, and improve the data integrity of information systems to ensure accurate, reliable tracking and reporting both internally and externally.


To make certain these improvements are sustainable, we provide your management teams with the coaching, training, and tools required to control the flow of material and information throughout the supply chain.  Refining management information and operating reports to ensure performance visibility also helps to reinforce a culture of accountability that leads to higher, and more consistent, performance.