The Challenge:

Faced with challenging economic conditions and increased competition, this wine, beer & spirits producer engaged Carpedia to partner in improving sales staff effectiveness.  The project team worked with both the strategic accounts and field sales teams to improve the sales process and increase overall sales for all of Canada.

Before the project, the sales team was regionally divided and had significantly different strategic and tactical processes within their markets.  A restaurant of a similar size from the same chain would be serviced differently in Vancouver vs Toronto.

All teams to varying degrees relied on relationship selling.  Customer surveys indicated clients were looking for more valued added interactions when meeting with the Team Managers.

The Strategic Accounts teams in most regions did not have a clear purpose and process, severely inhibiting team members to get things done with Marketing and Field Sales.

The Field Sales staff did not have a consistent, structured strategy on what day to day sales activity their Team Managers should do.  Planning was often reactive to market conditions and managers were not using data to fully plan and manage their business.

In addition to an imbalanced workload and customer attention across the sales team, further gaps in the Sales Management Operating System (MOS) did not link sales planning to results nor allow for effective feedback and improvement.  Inadequate visibility existed for Team Managers looking trying to plan and measure their promotions or measure client performance.

The Results:

The number of client meetings in which a Key Decision Maker is present has increased over 30% since installation.  This has translated into significant new listings, shelf placements and displays.

The Sales organization now has one national go to market strategy, which maintains flexibility for regional differences.

The Strategic Accounts teams now drive the sales strategy and direction, and have a clear method of working with Marketing and Field Sales.  This team provides top priorities, with specific goals, to Field Sales on a monthly basis.

Field Sales Managers have more control over their territory needs and an effective vehicle to plan out their execution strategy.  Activities have been broken down into major categories and are planned in conjunction with a client ABC ranking, which takes into account the size and potential of the client business.  Metrics have been introduced to measure meetings per Team Manager weekly and are measured against an established requirement.

Regular weekly one-on-one calls are conducted between sales directors and field sales managers to review prior performance and upcoming plan for success.  There is increased visibility and accountability through better reporting tools both at client and Team Manager level.

A clear strategy and better tools have allowed the organization to better distribute work between and within territories, and clarified the merchandizing support needed.

The Client Experience:

“We now have a good idea of what our customers want and need from us, we now have process and visibility to manage our sales team on a daily and weekly basis. This greatly assists with goal setting and sales force planning.”

President, Constellation Brands Canada

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