Creating Shared Services at a Multi-Branded Resort Complex

An ownership group with a history of successful projects with Carpedia Hospitality hoped to find efficiencies in the operation of their upscale resort complex in Orlando.

The Challenges

While the resort complex featured two individual hotels in close proximity, both properties operated completely independently as they adhered to different brand standards and catered to different clientele. Both hotels lacked structure to forecast volumes and plan labor accordingly, and schedules did not have the flexibility necessary to adjust to the seasonal fluctuations in occupancy and guest profile typical of the Orlando area. Carpedia Hospitality was engaged to conduct a deep-dive analysis of both hotels’ operational departments to optimize processes and establish the systems and encourage the management behaviors that had led to significant improvements in many of the ownership groups’ other properties.

The Solutions

Carpedia Hospitality consultants conducted observations across both hotels’ operational departments to identify best practices for individual roles and to recommend process improvements to streamline service delivery. Data was reviewed to determine key volume drivers for each position, and labor standards were developed for each role based on the improved processes.

Although the hotels had historically operated independently due to the difference in service standards, Carpedia Hospitality took a closer look at back-of-house roles where processes were nearly identical and face-to-face guest interaction was limited to determine whether combining duties would allow for efficiencies. Ultimately there was opportunity to consolidate the Stewarding and PBX departments without impacting the guest experience, which allowed for significant improvement in labor expense.

Historical volume trends were analyzed to construct forecasting tools that, combined with the newly established labor standards, allowed managers to schedule much more strategically to serve guests efficiently at various levels of occupancy. Daily and weekly reports were also built to monitor performance, and weekly review meetings were established at both properties to discuss results and plan effectively for the following week.

Department managers were trained on tools and methodology to encourage effective in-the-day, for-the-day management and to instill a culture of continuous improvement into the operation.

The Results

Both properties adopted the new practices with dedication and enthusiasm, and ultimately outpaced planned results of a 12% total improvement for in-scope positions, achieving 154% and 134% of projected annual improvement, respectively. Carpedia Hospitality maintained an ongoing partnership with the properties, and the tools and behaviors recommended became an integral component of overall management culture.


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