Implementing Best-in-class Standards Prior to Opening a Experiential Resort

Carpedia Hospitality believes in forming close strategic partnerships with clients. These relationships allow for clients to benefit from measurable profit improvement with an equal focus on maintaining or enhancing service delivery. After implementing a successful brand wide program in a luxury hotel portfolio, the client engaged Carpedia Hospitality in the design phase of a new experiential resort concept. The new resort’s unique concept featured a differentiated service offering compared to the rest of the brand. The program was focused on the design and implementation of operating processes that were aligned to the new resort’s service and profit expectations.


As a part of the engagement, Carpedia Hospitality designed and implemented a best practices toolkit to drive productivity in the housekeeping department related to rooms layout, logistics, resourcing, and execution. Additionally, based on the success of the brand-wide program, the hotelier recognized the value of aligning the operating processes into the proforma income statement.


Upon reviewing the room designs, a steering committee was formed to leverage the role specific knowledge from each level of the organization. The first step was to create standard operating procedures alongside labor standards in the rooms department. Mock rooms for each of the room types and a hallway were built to use as a backdrop in order to trial, test and refine processes in order to identify the steps required to clean rooms. Standard operating procedures and training materials were developed through simulated cleaning observations for a variety of guest types and mixes. Following this, Carpedia Hospitality provided the management team with task lists and tools to measure and sustain productivity.

A month post-opening, Carpedia Hospitality revisited the hotel to reconcile activity lists that were developed in the pre-opening phase to the live room cleaning process in order to maximize the accuracy of the labor standards.  To achieve this, our management consultants observed and reviewed the processes, systems and behaviors within the rooms department and made slight adjustments to improve productivity.


Overall, the work which Carpedia Hospitality conducted contributed to a successful opening of the new resort. The property gained an organized, fully resourced and trained team by the time it opened and enhanced the service that the resort’s guests ultimately received. Additionally, implementing accurate labor standards in the pre-opening phase contributed positively to the monthly results against the pro forma and facilitated an accelerated ramp up. Furthermore, the best practice toolkit that Carpedia Hospitality provided to the management team was identified as critical to achieve and sustain labor productivity within the resort. The same best practices are now being rolled out across other similarly positioned properties in the portfolio to give the management team the ability to measure productivity.

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