Independent Luxury Resort and Golf Course

There is often a balance to strike between guest satisfaction and operational efficiency especially for independent luxury resorts that offer an original guest experience and high levels of service. Carpedia Hospitality is often contacted to implement enhanced structure within labor management systems at independent resorts and to provide support in developing tools that will enable operational efficiency.


A General Manager (GM) who was a previous client, had recently moved to an independent resort that was operating with inadequate labor management practices. With a tightening labor market and a heightened regulatory environment in California, the GM knew that results were required quickly to remain competitive in retaining staff and driving profitability. Therefore, one of the first objectives identified by the GM was to enhance the existing customized labor management system and drive financial improvements while preserving the resort’s unique service offering.


The resort was located on the outskirts of San Diego and consisted of approximately 300 rooms, several restaurants & bars, extensive meeting facilities, a spa and a golf course. The main initiative was to drive greater efficiency throughout the Rooms, Food & Beverage and Golf Course Operations departments. Overall, it was identified that the resort found it challenging to align staffing requirements with the fluctuations in customer demand. Supplementary services were provided in the form of support systems, best practices, policies and procedures across all disciplines to achieve improvement.

Carpedia Hospitality worked alongside the GM and hotel management team to implement a variable staffing model based on customized labor standards so that improvements in labor costs were realized. We also optimized existing labor management software to support the efficiencies that were identified and implemented.


After the completion of the project, there was a quick two-week, ramp-up phase and the productivity metrics continued to improve. One-year post-project completion, the resort reached 100% of its financial improvement plan and a 6% increase in labor productivity within the in-scope areas of the resort. Management also indicated that adequate volume handling removed the constraint in the resort’s operations resulting in a positive spill-over effect on guest and employee satisfaction.

Feedback from the client has been extremely positive. It has been recognized that the program supported improvements in the systems, processes and behaviors at the resort and resulted in efficiencies in operating performance without jeopardizing the guest experience.


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