Changing Corporate Culture and Driving Increases in Productivity and Service

The Challenge:

There is never a perfect time to embark on an engagement that will redefine how an organization functions.  With a new CEO, a work disruption by several thousand advisors, and the business up for sale, a project began with savings in the RM millions.

With many additional cultural differences, both corporate and geographical, the operational issues were similar to many financial services companies we’ve worked with in both the Western and Eastern worlds.  Balancing of workloads, unnecessary process steps, and multiple hand-offs were all identified as areas of opportunity.

Managing a knowledge-based workforce and “non-standard” outputs such as claims and applications gave leaders a crutch to lean on.  An analysis of the Management Operating System identified gaps in the short-term supervision, which made it difficult to align to business goals.  Further gaps existed in the levels of responsibility throughout the organization.

The Results:

Changes in the process, management operating system and management behaviors resulted in:

Call Centres (multiple)

  • 160% reduction in abandonment rate
  • 15% increase in calls productivity
  • 18%-34% reduction in handle time
  • 14% increase in service level

Service Centres (multiple locations)

  • 5% average improvement in productivity
  • 75% average reduction in overtime


  • 10% improvement to medical underwriter productivity
  • 40% improvement in TAT (turnaround time)


  • 9% increase in Provider Claims productivity
  • 16% increase in helpdesk productivity

Policy Administration

  • 9% increase in productivity
  • 39% decrease in overtime

Development of a Continuous Improvement team

  • Working side by side, trained a sustainability team for continuous improvement

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